IoT ULT Freezer-Bengal

Radiant, a well-known healthcare solution provider in Bengal procured Haier Biomedical’s IoT ULT freezers recently and were put immediately into use after they passed the local health networking test. In this collaboration, the team from Radiant fully researched the quality and performance of Haier Biomedical products and recognized the IoT solutions as the best option to enhance the local networks healthcare. 

“Haier Biomedical’s IoT solution can help us monitor in real-time the freezers conveniently and quickly anytime and anywhere”, stated Radiant. The solution can achieve simple, efficient, safe, reliable, and accurate sample storage management, and further improve the safety assurance and management efficiency of Radian’s pharmaceutical factory.

The products involved in this project are mainly Haier Biomedical’s ULT freezer DW-86L959BPT. The ULT freezer is an energy-saving product, the unit is safe, secure and reliable and manufactured with the highest level of quality, the DW-86L959BPT model has become the number one ULT freezer choice for Radiant Pharmaceutical’s and has been highly recognized by the organization. Based on the trust in the IoT system and the satisfaction of DW-86L959BPT model, Radiant will procure other biomedical laboratory products such as the IoT biosafety cabinet in the near future to reach further cooperation and cement a strong partnership with Haier Biomedical in Bangladesh.

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