WHO Project in Cameroon

To alleviate the blood shortage in Cameroon and improve the quality of local healthcare, the World Health Organization, in collaboration with ISDB Bank, has chosen Haier Biomedical to fund and purchase Haier Biomedical’s Blood Refrigerator HXC-106 and Haier Biomedical’s Plasma Freezer DW40-W100, a total of 196 units of Haier Biomedical products to help build the national blood transfusion centre and 4 regional blood transfusion centres in Cameroon. This will alleviate the blood shortage and help improve hospital services by covering 98 hospitals across the country.
U-Red de biobancos (30)
U-Red de vacunas (20)
U-Red de reacitvos (6)
U-Red de sangre (5)
U-Red de laboratorio (21)

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