Togo's National Vaccine Solution

In this project, Haier Biomedical provided a complete cold chain solution to ensure vaccine safety for Togo’s vaccination program. It safeguards vaccine safety and ensures a secure vaccination cold chain from the national level to the regional level, from vaccine storage, transportation to inoculation at the last mile.

For the national level, Haier Biomedical walk-in cold rooms, which are fully WHO/PQS certified, were used for central cold storage when the vaccines originally arrived by air to Togo.  For the regional level, when the vaccines were distributed to major cities and local health institutions, they were stored in Haier Biomedical’s pharmacy refrigerators.

In addition, Haier Biomedical's -86°C ULT freezers will also be used by the Togolese government to store the Pfizer vaccine, providing the Togolese people with more options for vaccines and accelerating the overall vaccination program – together improving health networks across Togo.

At the same time, Haier Biomedical’s transport cooler is widely used in various health institutions and vaccination stations. With the help of the high-efficient cold preservation of Haier Biomedical’s transport cooler, vaccine safety can be guaranteed to the last mile.

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