TUSEB Biobank Project in Turkey

TUSEB ordered five YDD-750-445 liquid nitrogen containers from Haier Biomedical after a comparison process in order to improve the construction of a biobank and to achieve safe and efficient storage. It includes nine research institutes: the Turkish Cancer Institute, Biotechnology Institute, Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health Institute, Institute of Public Health and Chronic Diseases, Traditional and Complementary Medicine Institute, Health Care Quality and Accreditation Institute, Health Policy Institute, Vaccine Institute, and the Institute of Health Data Research and Artificial Intelligence Applications. The project aims to help these biobanks to store biological samples to assist in the various research efforts of the institutes.
U-Red de biobancos (30)
U-Red de vacunas (20)
U-Red de reacitvos (6)
U-Red de sangre (5)
U-Red de laboratorio (21)

Estudios de casos