Assists Indonesia in the Fight against the Pandemic

To help the Indonesian vaccination program, Haier Biomedical actively worked closely with local agents to provide complete biomedical cold chain solutions for vaccine storage. With the safe, secure and reliable quality and professional product performance, Haier Biomedical has successively won the bid for the PT UNILEVER project (510 units of Ice-lined Refrigerator HBC-80), the KIMIA FARMA project (300 units of Ice-lined Refrigerator HBC-80) and the Pfizer vaccination project (50 units of ULT refrigerator DW-86L338J and 50 units of ULT refrigerator DW-86L100J) respectively.
U-Red de biobancos (30)
U-Red de vacunas (20)
U-Red de reacitvos (6)
U-Red de sangre (5)
U-Red de laboratorio (21)

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