New Liquid Nitrogen Storage System Installed at Pharmacology, University of Cambridge

Steve Ward visited the Department of Pharmacology, University of Cambridge, to follow up on a recent installation of their new Haier Biomedical liquid nitrogen biobank storage system.

The YDD-750-445 model is a large-scale storage LN2 tank that can store up to 36,400 2ml vials (internal thread) and is located in a shared storage facility used by both the MRC Toxicology Unit and the Department of Pharmacology. Although a new brand to the university for LN2 storage, Barney Leeke, Principle Technician, uses Haier Biomedical ULT freezers which he knows to be well built, good quality and reliable. He selected Haier Biomedical for this project based on his previous experience with the brand, product availability as well as price competitiveness.

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