Preferred by Labs at Washington University in St Louis

the Finck Lab and Davidson Lab at Washington University in St Louis procured Haier Biomedical TwinCool ULT freezers to meet the strict requirements for temperature and safety of sample storage during experiments. Haier Biomedical’s TwinCool ULT freezer is known for its safety, security, and reliability, hence the decision by the University to procure. The dual refrigeration systems run independently and alternately so that if one system fails, the other will operate automatically to maintain the cabinet temperature at -80℃. Considering the TwinCool ULT freezer offers the highest level of protection for valuable samples which require strict and continuous storage conditions, the product won the trust and favor of the two labs.

Trevor Shew, manager of the Finck Lab, said that the Haier Biomedical TwinCool ULT freezer can maintain the temperature better than other -80℃ ULT freezers in the lab when opening and closing the door, and the performance is superior. This is because the TwinCool ULT freezer uses the world-leading hydrocarbon (HC) refrigeration technology, which provides a quick temperature recovery after door opening. The internal temperature can be restored to -75°C within 1 minute, thereby ensuring the safety of samples.

Davidson Lab has purchased Haier Biomedical TwinCool ULT freezers for the second time. Lizi Molitor, lab manager of the Davidson Lab, highly recognized the safety of Haier Biomedical’s TwinCool ULT freezer. Ms. Molitor said that “the TwinCool ULT freezer makes them feel more confident that it won’t have a compressor failure, which leaves them scrambling to find temporary storage space while the unit is being repaired”.

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