Emergency Delivery to Colombia

In order to better implement the national vaccine network initiative, the Colombian Ministry of Health ordered 585 Ice-Lined refrigerators HBC-260 and 105 Solar Direct Drive Freezers HTD-40 from Haier Biomedical. These products will be deployed and distributed centrally and locally to more than 500 cities and regions throughout Colombia.

Due to a large number of vaccination targets and the urgency of the schedule, the Colombian government had strict delivery conditions, requiring all products to be delivered to Colombia (including remote areas) within 75 days of signing the contract. Considering the short delivery needs and the long transportation time of 30 days to the local area, the Haier Biomedical team cooperated fully to meet the customer's delivery requirements. The first batch of products was shipped urgently at the beginning of August. All production of the remaining units have been finalized, the delivery was completed successfully on August 20! 

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